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Case Study

Pilot Program For Thome Group (Case Study)

The LiveWell@Sea Programme of Thome Group was launched on 13 pilot vessels in September 2020, and concluded in June 2021. The programme aimed to improve seafarers’ wellbeing on board focusing on mental resiliency, physical strength, and socialization. Reaching more than 500 crew on board, engagement rates rose to as much as 57.1% over the period. […]

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A Case Study On The Berge Bulk Well@Sea Program

The Berge Bulk Well@Sea program has seen impressive results over the course of a year, with as much as 73.4% engagement achieved on board their ships. Due to a combination of the management’s support, a unique CSR initiative, and Care Packages delivered amid the pandemic, the team at Berge Bulk has proven that when we […]

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V Group Case Study

The VCare + WellAtSea Programme was first launched on 20 pilot vessels from June 2019 to March 2020. The project aimed to increase engagement, employee retention, decrease illness, and improve physical health states. Within the first 6 months, major themes emerged around better communication, group bonding, mental well-being, and improved physical health. Data from this pilot programme […]

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TORM Case Study

A pilot program for 14 tanker vessels was designed for TORM in the year 2019. The results of the pilot reveal that 86% of the population were positively influenced by this, wherein we see stronger bonds among teams, improved stress management, and overall increase in positive emotions. The program consists of three phases, namely self-awareness, […]

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Pilot on 19 tanker and gas vessels for BW Group

A pilot study was conducted for the BW Group from June 2018 to March 2019 across 400 seafarers on-board 19 vessels. The project aimed to increase the engagement, mental resilience, physical fitness and socialization of crew. Initial findings showed us that there was a decrease in smoking, hypertension, and the overweight / obese population. Through […]

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Many stories matter… stories can [sic] be used to empower, and to humanize.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Author

Crew Testimonials

2nd Officer

August 13, 2020

The Wellness Program has helped me by giving challenges/tasks to keep my mind, body in tip top shape. By doing the tasks that this program has provided, I feel more confident about my body, I can interact more with my crew which is a different nationality, I always keep my tabs with what I eat, […]

3rd Engineer

August 13, 2020

‘The Wellness Program has helped me by teaching me to: a. appreciate little things that i normally ignore. (like saying thank you. =) )b. do small little but consistent steps towards my life style change.c. have a resilient mind and be able to adapt to sudden change of situations.d. eat the right stuff. and the […]

3rd Engineer

August 13, 2020

The Wellness Program has helped me by becoming more serious with my health. I have come to realize that when i am healthy and fit, my output and productivity is at its best. I look better physically as well as psychologically. I really feel good within my self especially when i realized that my efforts […]

Mess Man

August 13, 2020

The Wellness Program helped me by strengthening my overall being especially by doing the mental health exercises. It was one of my highly liked exercises on the program. Mental health is important in keeping ourselves well composed most especially during this pandemic where in most of us are being distanced to one another. It is […]


March 2020

In spot light awareness we had followed as per the work book which is very useful. We had given the right to choose their own partner after choosing the partner spot light awareness where conducted batch (two person only) by batch, by giving them a calm and a quiet place to talk. After we finished […]

3rd Engineer

February 2020

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this platform which has helped me in a way that I don’t believe was even possible. Being a smoker for the last 10 to 12 years I never had the feeling to quit smoking well thanks to the Strengthen Your Heart challenge and the […]


February 2020

You will be pleased to know we are taking initiative here onboard to inculcate physical as well as mental fitness and well being among the crew onboard. We have regular sessions activities and onboard challenges among the crew. All onboard are being encouraged to make positive lifestyle change and results are very positive. Social interaction […]

Engine Cadet

January 2020

I like the team that everyone joined. It forced me to change my mind and habits as my own health plan. The crew on board share the idea and skills with me, which pushes me to access of the good health condition.

2nd Cook

February 19, 2019

Now that I [have] joined the program some changes [have taken place such as] in my weight. Before [the program] I [weighed] 77 kg, [6 months after, I am] now 71 kg, I [have] also [started] doing this meditation every end of the day before going to bed and it [has] helped me relax my […]

4th Engineer

January 16, 2019

This is rather an appreciation message than a feedback on the [program] onboard [vessel name]. When we were given the orientation seminar about the “Wellness Program” back in Manila, two things came in to my head. First, this program is “impossible” to implement and, no one will ever dedicate so much time onboard for this […]

We are proud to have taken home the Newcomer of The Year award from CrewConnect Global 2019. WellAtSea continues to motivate crew across the world on how to enhance their physical and mental well-being. We are happy to grow and share our work with the rest of the community.

Newcomer of The Year award