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Empowering Minds: Mindful Leadership Programme Propels 275 Cadets in the Philippines to New Heights

IMEC and WellAtSea are delighted to announce the continued success of the Mindful Leadership Programme through its first phase! This innovative programme has had a profound impact on 275 cadets in the Philippines, elevating their mental wellbeing and honing essential skills crucial for personal and professional growth. Through the Mindful Leadership Programme, participating cadets have […]

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Mindful Leadership – Critical Skills for the Next Generation of Seafarers

“Mindfulness is a tool we can use to ensure that we humanise the way that we work in this generation and for many generations to come.” Gisa Paredes Gen Z (born circa 1997 – 2012) is the largest generation on earth, encompassing almost 30% of the world’s population. The traits that define this generation will […]

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10 Powerful Reasons Every Seafarer Should Learn Mindfulness

For many years the teaching of mindfulness has been a well-recognised practice for the treatment of depression and poor mental health. Helping people manage stress, reduce anxiety, and improve their overall mental well-being.  It is a powerful and effective tool that is still underutilised, especially in the seafaring industry.

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The Power of XChange. The Time is Right but There is no Fuel Without Fire

Let’s be honest. There is never an easy time to have a difficult conversation, and in the shipping business, there are plenty of difficult conversations to be had when it comes to crew welfare.

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WellAtSea, in Partnership with Vanguard Assessments, Launch an Assessment Programme to Improve Seafarer Wellness and Performance.

WellAtSea has partnered with Vanguard Assessments to bring its highly acclaimed Mental Health Assessment online program to the maritime sector.

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Industry Leaders put Social and Mental Health of Seafarers on the Maritime Agenda

WellAtSea (owned by Seably AB), an award-winning digital crew wellness platform that engages seafarers in impactful and lasting lifestyle changes, has celebrated 5 years in the business with a forum in Manila on Friday 25th November. The forum saw industry leaders come together to exchange ideas and discuss the impact of safety culture on seafarers […]

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