Empowering Minds: Mindful Leadership Programme Propels 275 Cadets in the Philippines to New Heights
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Empowering Minds: Mindful Leadership Programme Propels 275 Cadets in the Philippines to New Heights

IMEC and WellAtSea are delighted to announce the continued success of the Mindful Leadership Programme through its first phase!

This innovative programme has had a profound impact on 275 cadets in the Philippines, elevating their mental wellbeing and honing essential skills crucial for personal and professional growth.

Through the Mindful Leadership Programme, participating cadets have experienced a journey of self-discovery and skill development. The programme equips them with vital tools, including enhanced communication abilities, effective stress management techniques, and heightened mental awareness. Furthermore, the cadets have received supplementary training in essential life skills, encompassing health tracking and mental mapping, ensuring they are well-equipped to navigate life’s challenges that come with a career at sea with confidence.

A notable recent milestone of the initiative was the successful completion of the Focus Group Discussions. Findings from the Focus Groups proved insightful, wherein life at the academy with the Mindful Leadership Programme has opened so many more possibilities towards individual confidence, emotional regulation, and an environment of collaboration.

“The IMEC Mindful Leadership Programme developed and produced by WellAtSea is the first of its kind,” said Gisa Paredes, Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer of WellAtSea. “Future leaders are faced with the need to keep up with rapid change. Learning mindfulness applied to everyday life, gives us the tools and techniques necessary for dealing with the unpredictability and ever-changing circumstances of life at sea.” WellAtSea have prepared a video showcasing the transformation of these cadets and the profound impact of the Mindful Leadership Programme on their lives.

“Our partnership with IMEC and WellAtSea has proven to be a catalyst for empowering young minds through the Mindful Leadership Programme,” said Rob Gale, Head of Training at IMEC. “Witnessing the positive changes experienced by the 275 cadets in the Philippines has been truly inspiring. This programme is forging a new generation of mindful leaders who will be prepared for anything a career at sea throws at them”.

We believe that re-shaping the future begins here. And by equipping more cadets and officers alike in techniques such as Mindfulness, we as an industry can insure crew welfare on board through programmes such as this.

As we celebrate this significant milestone, IMEC remains steadfast in its commitment to expanding the reach of the Mindful Leadership Programme and positively impacting the lives of young minds in the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP).

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