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Who We Are

Who We Are

WellAtSea is a start-up company that aims to improve the overall well-being of the seafarer by introducing continuous and sustainable organizational change, with offices in Denmark and Manila. The programs that we developed are specially designed and created by our health experts – medical doctors, physiotherapists, and psychologists. We have dedicated project coordinators for each of our clients who directly engage the fleets and make sure that the program is running effectively on board the ships.

Our Vision

To be the preferred partner in building sustainable lifestyle and health change across the (maritime) industry, today and for future generations to come.

Our Mission

  • To provide evidence-based solutions that safeguard the mental and physical wellbeing for all Seafarers.
  • To support various Maritime organizations in building a robust workforce
  • To inspire, engage and support individuals through their careers

Our Values

  • I – Integrity: We value integrity at work, in the way that we present data, research, and drive our programs forward.
  • C – Collaboration and Commitment: We are committed to making a difference. We value collaboration in all that we do with our customers, helping us nourish and grow our mission together.
  • A – Adaptability and Accountability: Adapting to change is important in the work that we do, being able to adjust and find what is most appropriate and beneficial to all while being accountable for our actions.
  • N – Nourishing Relationships: We recognize that our success is built on nourishing good relations with our colleagues and friends in the industry. When we nourish and take care of our relationships, we grow in our mission towards sustainable change in the world.
Our Team

Our Executive Team

Bringing over 20 years of combined expertise in health services and solutions, our Executive team are the key people responsible for bringing the WellAtSea solutions to life.

Claus Sonderskov, M.D.

Chief Executive Officer/ Board Member

Kristoffer Larsen M.D.

Chief Technical Officer / Board Member

Rene Hartung

Chairman/General Manager/ Board Member

Gisa R. Paredes, M.A., Rpsy

Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer / Board Member
(Makati, Philippines)

Our Team

We are more than just an app. We have a full team ready to engage all your ships and ensure that every crew member is properly guided.

Angelica Bautista

Program and Community Coordinator

Maria Justine Pongase

Program Development Assocate

Jeff Lañada

Project Team Lead

Gabriel Calingo

Program and Community Coordinator

Clare Asis

Program and Community Coordinator

Madel Congson

Program and Community Coordinator

Winnie Gofulco

Program and Community Coordinator

Aprille Reyes

Program and Community Coordinator

Justin Aquino

Program and Community Coordinator

Arvin Danielle Campos

Sales Executive

Bino Sañez

Technical Development Manager

Maureen Reyes

Web Developer

Eric Zeta

Accounting Officer