Our Mission

Our Mission

At WellAtSea, we use evidence-based approaches to improve overall well-being. Our goal is to create a continuous and sustainable solution for organizational change, instead of using single-events.

We see beyond the presenting symptoms and address problems on a psychosocial level – taking into account the full lifecycle of the seafarer, their needs, and their overall goals.

We are here to help build healthy habits and change the way people think about wellness programs. We can help you drive change by:

  • Connecting various worksites to enhance collaboration and comm unication
  • Capturing the health state of your organization to create concrete action steps for everyone
  • Helping you understand how to fine tune well-being to increase better service, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

Increase employee health and wellbeing

Improve corporate engagement and productivity

Increase safety

Reduce insurance costs

Our Approach

Simply knowing information is NOT half the battle.

Researchers call this the G.I. Joe Fallacy – an idea that posits that simply giving people information about health will not drive them towards behavior change. At WellAtSea, we use evidence-based approaches towards lifestyle change. Our goal is to be able to introduce habit forming activities that will change the way your crew thinks and acts towards their work and health. Our philosophy is centered on sustainable organizational change. We do this through our 3 key pillars:
3 Key Pillars
SOCIAL – we bring teams together, no matter the distance. GAMIFICATION – we make behavior change fun by putting a point system around what is already existing REWARDS – points can be used for rewards that answer the needs of the crew and their families

Positivity Shared

ripple effect

At WellAtSea we promote positive health. Because when we feel good, our minds expand – developing strengths like compassion, courage, and organization when we cultivate positive feelings.

Evidence shows that happiness can extend itself up to 3 degrees of separation (Fowler and Christakis, 2009). The spread of happiness creates clusters of happiness – creating what is called, emotional contagion. These positive experiences can cause ripple effects from the individual out into the organization. At WellAtSea, we are able to create local happiness networks that contribute to the overall goal of sustainable change.