February 19, 2019

2nd Cook

Now that I [have] joined the program some changes [have taken place such as] in my weight. Before [the program] I [weighed] 77 kg, [6 months after, I am] now 71 kg, I [have] also [started] doing this meditation every end of the day before going to bed and it [has] helped me relax my mind and body; it gives me a better sleep.

I noticed that my eating habits have also changed. I now minimize eating red meat, cut off the rice and consume more fruits. What I really enjoyed in this program, however, is the nap time challenge; once I have at least 10 to 15 mins of nap, I feel recharged. The Wellatsea program for me is a good start in improving a person onboard ship, not only in improving health but it almost tackles the whole wellbeing of a person. For me this is just a start, by continuing this wellatsea program I think I can improve more.

It also nice that there is a reward in this program it motivates us to continue what we started.