A Case Study On The Berge Bulk Well@Sea Program

The Berge Bulk Well@Sea program has seen impressive results over the course of a year, with as much as 73.4% engagement achieved on board their ships. Due to a combination of the management’s support, a unique CSR initiative, and Care Packages delivered amid the pandemic, the team at Berge Bulk has proven that when we put crew welfare at the top of our priorities, change can happen and wellness at sea is achieved.  

In April 2020, a special COVID Care Package program was launched across the first 48 vessels of Berge Bulk. The package was designed to safeguard the mental and physical well-being of crew on board amid the growing uncertainty of crew change and the height of restrictions and lockdowns worldwide. 

The Care Package included resources on Psychological First Aid, identifying disorders, basic counseling techniques, and mindfulness based cognitive activities to help crew manage stress over a three-month period. Survey results showed us that 94% of the crew used this opportunity to get to know colleagues through the weekly activities, which helped them feel like they were part of a group. 97% of respondents also report that their career goals are reliant on physical and mental health at work. We also looked into how the crew were coping over this period, and discovered that they had been smoking less (84%), drinking less alcohol (92%), and socializing amongst each other more (76%).  

On behalf of all on board, I would like to extend our profound thanks to you and your team for all the efforts you have been putting in to divert the minds of the seafarers and motivating them during their stay on board at this crucial and testing time.

Master of Berge Neblina

The Berge Bulk Well@Sea Program also extended its reach to various CSR initiatives, which allowed crew to get involved no matter where they were in the world. The most popular activities were centered around Mental Resiliency and Creativity.  

Finally, when the crew were surveyed once again in March 2021 (Total N = 413), results showed that the average WHO-5 score of the group was at 76% – indicating good quality of life. Majority reported (84%) that they were not experiencing any emotional problems or any physical health issues. Survey also revealed that 79% were experiencing positive emotions and did not feel low or down for more than 2 weeks in a row. Results also revealed that 78% of crew on board were getting good sleep, and 25% had quit smoking. Finally, 73% of the crew report that the presence of the Berge Bulk Well@Sea program makes them feel valued by their company.   Today, the Berge Bulk Well@Sea program has extended to 62 vessels.