Pilot Program For Thome Group (Case Study)

The LiveWell@Sea Programme of Thome Group was launched on 13 pilot vessels in September 2020, and concluded in June 2021. The programme aimed to improve seafarers’ wellbeing on board focusing on mental resiliency, physical strength, and socialization. Reaching more than 500 crew on board, engagement rates rose to as much as 57.1% over the period.

The results of the pilot were derived from surveys conducted on board, and two (2) Focus Group Discussions. Survey results show that 79% of crew saw improvements in their physical health states, and gained insight on their overall health. 92% of crew also report observing less illnesses on board.

I learned to balance my diet and give more importance to my health while at work. I look better physically and psychologically knowing that I am able to do these things for good of my own health. It has been an achievement for me to apply these exercise because honestly speaking this has not been in my vocabulary ever since.

Chief Cook

If the medical exam comes, we became at least aware on our current health states. We know where are we leaning. Because the PEME also look our BMI while on board.

Chief Engineer

Results also reveal improved group cohesion, wherein 77% of the crew agree that participating in weekly activities offered them an opportunity to bond. Finally, with a programme like this in place, majority (76%) feel valued by the company and report that they will likely sail longer with Thome Group.

“One thing I enjoyed most is that again it is the interactions with the everybody. So after the exercise you have time to talk to each other and you learn more about each other.


Qualitative findings derived from two (2) Focus Group Discussions showed us 6 major themes:

1. Mental Health and Stress Management

  • Crew report that throughout the programme, activities geared towards mental health and stress management were valuable in identifying, managing, and controlling the stressors around them. ​

This wellness programme is a tool to help us combat fatigue. This programme also empowers us to have a positive outlookimpacts our health and also positively affects our well-being as a whole


2. Leadership Skills 

  • Through the programme, nominated wellness Ambassadors play an important role in promoting the wellness activities on board. Their capabilities in terms of facilitating group activities and promoting wellness programme on board shows an increase of engagement per vessel. ​

3. Time Management

  • Time management proved to be a major theme in our discussions as individuals took it upon themselves to set aside periods for these activities. Furthermore, it is seen that senior officers who are able to allot time towards these activities are able to engage and promote better well-being on board. Proper scheduling and management proved to be crucial towards teams.​

4. Socialisation 

  • The programme activities allow the crew to change their daily routine that increased interaction with the team, communication onboard that allows them to become closer and build trust. The crew is now starting to enjoy their companionship compared to before.​

5. Teamwork

  • By completing the activities released onboard, it helps them build a strong relationship among their colleagues and results in a healthy working environment.​

6. Developed Resources​ Throughout the programme, most of the crew start to give importance to their overall health, seeing it as a significant investment for their career. They also saw how their health and wellbeing impacted their day-to-day productivity at sea.

If the medical exam comes, we became at least aware on our current health states. We know where are we leaning. Because the PEME also look our BMI while on board.