V Group Case Study

The VCare + WellAtSea Programme was first launched on 20 pilot vessels from June 2019 to March 2020. The project aimed to increase engagement, employee retention, decrease illness, and improve physical health states. Within the first 6 months, major themes emerged around better communication, group bonding, mental well-being, and improved physical health. Data from this pilot programme was collected through Focus Group Discussions, online surveys, and personal testimonials from crew.

With a pilot group of approximately 400 members, the VCare + WellAtSea programme gave meaning to seafarer well-being on board in relation to their pre-employment medical exams. This is seen in 76% of the surveyed population (N =162) who reveal that self-monitoring encouraged them to improve their overall health. Results also show that when they gathered to do team activities, this created a ripple effect– promoting camaraderie, communication, and mutual respect.

Finally, survey results reveal that 70% of the pilot population felt that with the VCare + WellAtSea programme in place, they felt valued and were most likely to continue sailing with their present employer. Majority of the pilot group (80%) also agree that sailing can be so much more fulfilling with a wellness programme on board.

Today, the VCare + WellAtSea programme has been extended to 60 vessels; wherein a COVID Care Package has been provided to safeguard the mental and physical well-being of the crew during this crisis. V Group continues to dedicate itself to providing as much assistance to crew on board while they are away. Through the COVID Care Package, crew are provided tools to develop skills in Psychological First Aid, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive techniques, and exercises in Positive Psychology.